In-Col Studio Acquires Weekly Tales

With the appointment of Cameron Kennedy-McFarlane as our Project Director, comes the acquisition of Weekly Tales into the In-Col Studio family.

Weekly Tales is a platform dedicated to documenting the overlooked and under-appreciated: from forgotten local history, repurposed community spaces to important social movements, we draw attention to tales of human interest. It is our aim to amplify and platform voices and revive our knowledge of forgotten spaces, adopting a slow and considered approach to storytelling.

Working closely with Weekly Tales will allow us to create campaigns with purpose; exploring best fit partnerships that benefit everyone. We hope to help elevate brand’s corporate and social responsibility, whilst at the same time platforming and elevating social enterprises. We'll continue to operate as Weekly Tales has always done, championing collaborations with impactful photographers and writers.

To learn more about our partnership offering, please get in touch with Cameron Kennedy-McFarlane via email at

To read more about Weekly Tales, keep up to date via Linkedin and Instagram for daily updates. Full articles are published on the website each week.