SOAR Running Editorial

Our editorial campaign, Giant of the Downs, with SOAR Running has been posted over on Weekly Tales.

James Turner, a member of the SOAR Race Team, is photographed atop the undulating forms of the South Downs. James is an accomplished runner, having run 2023's edition of the Valencia Marathon in a blisteringly quick 2:19. James touched base with Weekly Tales in 2019, as a follower of the platform, paving the way for a visual exploration of landscape and analysis of the indelible human mark upon it.

"James ascends the scarp footslopes with ease, unperturbed by the patches of ice that make the steep climb to the summit of Windover Hill treacherous. Standing on the shoulders of a giant, he looks out over the Weald and Kent beyond. Before long, he begins his descent, each footstep placed with precision as he enters the shadowy realm within which the giant lies, dormant."

The article and images explore the myth and folklore of the Sussex Downs, a region renowned for its stories of the devil, of giants and of other ungodly sightings.

Weekly Tales seeks to deliver editorially-led content that is rooted in research and understanding. As appreciators or running and running culture, we wanted to explore a landscape that is often taken for granted; swiftly covered on a journey along its course.

With thanks to SOAR Running, as well as Lewis Greaves for his communication and the provision of equipment.

Significant thanks go to James Turner, who on a cold November morning, shortly before his success in Valencia, braved conditions to take part in this shoot.

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