The Brand Identity - The Tiny Book

We are in the Brand Identity's 'Tiny Book'!

The forty thoughts in this tiny book are excerpts from the seventy-six interviews published by The Brand Identity between January and October 2023.

It features thoughts from Saint Urbain, Whitman Emorson, FAY, Charlie Nash, Whitney Badge, Office Of Overview, Ribant & Co, Hype Type, 21–87, Praline, RAWTY, In-Col, SDCO Partners, Rice, Orchidea Agency, Alright Studio, Pauline Le Pape, Mark Blackler, ACRE, DIA, Smith & Diction, Haritos Constantinos, IYA Studio, Forth + Back, Butter Studio and Gregory Page.

The same size as a cassette tape, and shipping inside of a cassette case, this tiny book is a celebration of great designers and their studios. It provides insight into the thought process, practice and projects of the finest designers around. Thank you to The Brand Identity for including our 'two cents' amongst them.

The book can be purchased here.