We are a collective creative consultancy, with a focus on working closely with start up and early stage ventures, from inception to their subsequent successes. We have 
a track record of establishing long term, collaborative relationships with founders, allowing us to support their creative output for many years of continued growth. 

Our name not only tells our story but also embodies our foundational belief; the power, necessity and strength 
of collaboration.

From established, culturally institutions to brands just getting started, we work closely with progressive people who have their own distinct voice, together, channelling that voice into something truly unique. Our collaborative nature continues beyond our clients to our eclectic creative network, working closely with other artistic institutions. With this extensive experience and understanding, In-Col continues to shape novel, poetic and practical work - Making better together.


The foundation of all our work is 
based on research & conversations. We pin down your audience, explore your competitors and help develop your vision and values, this enables us to establish an authentic and extremely well crafted position within your market.


Brands are 
all-encompassing, and consistency is key to building loyalty. To create 
an identity of purpose and longevity, we utilise your brand awareness with our experience of creativity during 
a period of ongoing collaborative consultation.


Once we establish your audience 
we need to talk to them. We unite 
our strategic and branding research with our vast experience creating websites, photography & video and 3D assets. that are purposeful, effective, and tell your brands story.


In-Col is a collective practice founded through the coming together of two creative minds; Iain and Niall. Hailing from opposite ends of the UK, the duo met whilst studying at the Royal College of Art, drawn to one another through their drive for creative partnership – combining their differing skillsets and processes to form a comprehensive, seasoned unit. As a team, Iain and Niall set out to work on interesting things with interesting people, forming close relationships with clients, brands and collaborators. Approaching new spaces with creative curiosity, Iain and Niall see every project as an opportunity – an opportunity to create great work, an opportunity to find purpose, and an opportunity to work with others.


Whatever your speciality, we’re always open to hearing from talented people. Submissions are welcome. Email us at careers@in-col-studio.com to find out how you could be part of our future.

Collaborative in Nature.
In-Col in practice.