Weekly Tales

PUNKS SMASH SYSTEMS. MAVERICKS REBUILD THEM. BrewDog’s uncompromising attitude established it as an icon of independence in a world of big beer. But rebellious disruption could only take it so far. After more than a decade, it was too large for the new world of craft and too principled to join the old establishment. The brand needed to find another way.

Weekly Tales is an online journal dedicated to documenting the nuances of people and place; overlooked local history, repurposed community spaces and important social movements, Weekly Tales draw attention to tales of human interest. It is their aim to amplify voices and revive knowledge of forgotten spaces, adopting a slow and considered approach to journalism and storytelling as our archive expands.

We were commissioned to design and build the platform for Weekly Tales, as well as creating a visual identity that could be easily translated across web, social media and print. WT Gestalt kindly supplied by Seb Mclauchlan